It is always a good feeling to see something when you type your name into the address bar. 

However, it is sometimes confusing when you don't really know what you found.   

What did you find here?   Nothing, this is just a page.

Why just a page?  Just because.





Did you scroll down and are still reading?

Question:  The owner of this website - are you a Vannurden?   Answer:  Yes

Question: How long have you owned these websites?  Answer:  About 10 years.

Question:  Which Vannurden are you?  Answer:  The family had 16 children, I belong to the youngest boy. Still don't know?  Ask Sue - she knows.

Question:  Did you know there are alot of Vannurden's out there in the world?  Answer:  Yes.  We have:

OptometryAttorney, Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority (FRA) .......